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Gepriesen und geheiligt sei ER inmitten Jerusalems. 25 Kantoren aus Jerusalem und umgebung (Jerusalem in Hebrew prayers and songs).
Scholarly CD produced by Jüdische Kulturtage and Haus der Kulturen der Welt in cooperation with Internationales Institut für traditionelle Musik.CD 66.21201. Dr. Edwin Seroussi of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem wrote the program notes. For a thorough review which was written by Francesco Spagnolo of the Yuval Italia Center and is available online via Music and Anthropology, go to the following link: http://research.umbc.edu/eol/MA/index/number3/cdrev/cdreview.htm .

Other Places with Reviews


Blogmeister is run by "Jewish Blogmeister", who runs the website anonymously.

Hippocampus Music on LPs Telling the story of the Jewish in America from the cover art of LPs. Only half in gest.

Jewish Music Blog "Keyboardguy" describes himself as a professional keyboard player who has played for a number of large East Coast bands. Most of the music reviewed is contemp orthodox.

Life of Rubin Blog
Has pull down menus by album reviewed, YouTube galore with lots of Jewish songs on video, and acapella recommendations.

Olam Radio on JE Magazine
Shows. http://www.thejemagazine.com/

Sameach Music Podcasts
A very interesting and active site with podcasts, transcripts of im dialogues, lectures, music programs, numbered podcasts, and more comments. Hosted by Dov Katz and Sruly Meyer. http://sameachmusicpodcast.libsyn.com/

Teruah Jewish Music
A serious effort to "explore Jewish music from the American north coast." The writer "jackzero" describes himself as a Conservative Jew living in nowheresville, Michigan. So glad he's exploring... because he's also adding to the value of the JM blogs. Keep reading it. Hey, he even knows about us, how bad can it be? Maybe I'm partial to the name teruah.


Ari Davidow's Klezmer Shack
An excellent site for reviews of Jewish klezmer sound recordings, written by Ari Davidow. The first ever Jewish blog about klez. The site includes Klezmer news, events and links to Klezmer bands. There is a "klezclassifieds," and links to radio shows on Jewish music. There are links to information about sheet music, recordings, instruments and organizations. The site mounts full text articles on Klezmer music and interviews. This is a recommended site for anyone interested in learning more about klezmer music.

Aryeh Steiner's Music Reviews
For anyone interested in the details and subtleties of the Orthodox repertoire, this page of reviews is essential. Aryeh Steiner's reviews mix the enthusiasm for the genre, along with a discerning musical ear on the arrangements, orchestration, and stylistics of music emanating from the American Yeshiva worlds, and Orthodox music stars. His complete familiarity with a wide range of artists, and insights make an invaluable addition to Jewish music reviews.

Jewish Entertainment Resources: Reviews
Reviews of all sorts of CDs of contemporary Jewish music. Contact information for purchasing the CDs are given, but no musical examples.

German Klezmer Pages
Provides reviews of CDs, recordings and concerts. Helpful in discovering some newer European bands and events. Includes concert schedules in German cities.

Harmony Ridge Music
A site dedicated to female singers and songwriters. Look under "world music" for webpages on Jewish musicians such as Ofra Haza and Judy Frankel.

House of Musical Traditions
House of Musical Traditions Recordings Department and CD Archives.  Contains a listing of Klezmer and Yiddish, liturgical and Israeli, Ladino and other Jewish recordings.  Some listings have selected audio tracks.

Mining Co. Guide to World Music
A variety of links to various sites with a focus in world music. "Jewish/Israeli" provides an annotated list of various websites, including a link to midi files for Hebrew, Russian, Yiddish and American Jewish songs.

Richard, the "Renaissance Man", writes reviews of Jewish music and more on his website "Rainlore".

Seth Rogovoy Reviews
Periodic concert and CD reviews by a journalist.

Wolf Krakowski
An online review of the recording Transmigrations by Wolf Krakowski.