Amsterdam Sephardic Chazzanut
Samples of chazzanut from the Sephard traditions in Amsterdam, this site includes sound clips from Shabbat, High Holidays, the Regalim and some minor festivals.

Chanting the Hebrew Bible: The Complete Guide to the Art of Cantillation
by Joshua R. Jacobson. A thorough handbook devoted to learning Torah chant to "leyenen" Torah. See the JMWC Review. "Joshua Jacobson's masterpiece -- the comprehensive 1000-page guide to cantillation -- is now available in this condensed, 300-page, user-friendly paperback edition. It is an ideal instructional guide for adult and young-adult students of Torah, for b'nai mitzvah students; and for cantors, rabbis, and Jewish educators of all denominations." For information on this student verison of CHB available from Jewish Ppublication Society.

Chazzanut Online
"Comprehensive site on Jewish Liturgical Music (chazzanut), with a large collection of cantorial music scores, midi sound, annotated links and background information." For the first time since 1928, the famous Recitative Book (39pp) of Yossele Rosenblatt (1882-1933) is again available, now on this web site. According to Irwin Oppenheim,author of Chazzanut Online, Rosenblatt wrote about his own recitatives:

"In producing them I was moved by the double impulse of serving the needs of the Jewish Cantor and of demonstrating to the musical world at large that genuine Jewish Chazanuth can still satisfy completely even the refined taste of today. ...I shall feel amply rewarded for my efforts when I shall see this work widely disseminated."
In addition to the invaluable biographical section, Oppenheim has contributed a discography of Dutch chazzanut, many midi examples of the music, the Abraham Katz manuscript, Sam Englander's piano arrangements, Heymann's Psalms for choir, and extensive links to cantorial sites and information and articles by cantors.

Ellie's Torah Trope Tutor
Ellie Wackerman of Agudas Achim Congregation in Alexandria, Virginia, has taken the time to mount a Torah Trope tutor on the web. She provides standard Torah trope for Shabbat and holidays, including High Holy Days, the three pilgrimage Festivals (Shalosh Regalim) of Passover, Sukkot and Shavuot, and the trope for Purim. Ellie has a provided simple clear notation along with the trope.

Another website with Torah trop, this time in electronic midi files. They also sell tapes. The website has a portion each week.

Leynen in the Fast Lane
by Hazzan Jack Kessler. A book-and-cd package designed as an easy-access method to fluid Torah chant. The method begins with the trop sung as a niggun to become grounded in the melody before engaging the 'nuts and bolts' of trop signs, and continues with many practice examples from Torah.

Nusach CDs: Nusach Ha-Tefilla is the collection of traditional nusach for the entire Jewish liturgical year by Hazzan Jack Kessler. The recordings combine the basic melodic material, sung in a straight-ahead, non-florid way in the appropriate mood for each service, with a wide range of havurah-style melodies for group participation. The series may be purchased in holiday blocks. Hazzan Kessler may be reached at or 215-849-9227.

Multi-media Seder Hazanoet
A Dutch website with excerpts of cantorial singing in the Dutch tradition, the Western Sefardic Music Tradition. According to Barry Mehler, the musical director of Santo Servišo (Portuguese Synagogue Choir), the melody of Mizmor leDavid was composed on commission for the Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam just after the turn of the (20th) century by Victor Schlesinger.

Navigating the Bible: Torah Notes/Haftorah Notes
An online tutorial to teach cantillation for both Torah trop and Haftorah trop. Includes the Hebrew, symbols and musical score and sound samples. This site is sponsored by World ORT Union.

Nusach Radio
Nusach can be heard at 11am and 10pm eastern time. It is a show "dedicated to the art of the chazzanut both classical and modern." Host is Winston Weilheimer.Nusach Radio features three channels on Included is a radio show for children. They feature 24 hour Internet radio programming in religious music, including a show of classical cantorial music on Thursdays and Sundays.

Shulmusic is a website devoted to music of the synagogue and all Jewish liturgical music. The aim of the site is to become a global resource for Jewish liturgical music. Musical scores for various holidays and events are provided online. This website also has a complete (1922) edition of Schir Zion by Solomon Sulzer.

**NEW**Stephanie Shore's Torah Cycle
American. Cantor. songwriter. Born into a musical family with mother Rita Shore and father Ira Shore. BA Florida International University. Recorded CDs "My Soul" and "Quiet Time". Has a Purim Spiel website where various spiels can be viewed, listened to or purchased. Served as a cantor for Hillel in Miami, Florida. Currently cantor at Congregation B'nai Israel in Boca Raton, Florida. Member of the Guild of Temple Musicians, the Cantor's Association of Florida and the Women's Cantors Network. Her website has a unique cantorial teaching area with Torah portions (broken down into a triennial cycle) and various prayers and blessings. Learners can listen to these various items online. Her website features a biography, a list of recordings and a link to the Congregation B'nai Israel website.

**Virtual Cantor
The complete cycle of nusach for worship are here, online, and for free. Broken down into individual pieces, there are 725 different tracks to cover not only Shabbat, but the entire weekday, festival and high holiday services. If you are a person who needs to learn the nusach to lead a service, this is THE place. It's a completely easy way to find the exact passage in the siddur and follow along. Highly Recommended.