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Choral Music

Choral Music Groups and Organizations

Adash Women's Choir
A women's choir located in Republic of Czech that sings exclusively Hebrew music. The choir started as part of a Hebrew class at Ostrava University by Dr. Tomáa Novotný. Later it grew into a performance group. The Adash website has samples of music and discography. Two of their CDs are devoted to Hebrew songs, but they sing liturgical pieces and Yiddish and Russian lanugage songs on their other two CDs which include many solos for folk music as well as choral work. The CDs are Adash & Barbora Baranová, Jewish Songs II, Jewish Songs, , and Hebrew through Songs. The site also includes videos through YouTube.

Ani V'Ata
New York University Jewish a cappella group found in 1996. They have one CD named for the group. Clips and photos on the website.

Arbel: Philadelphia Young Adult Jewish Choir
Arbel Choir of PhiladelphiaArbel is an acronym for Ohavei Rinah Bo-u Lashir --Lovers of Joy, Come to Sing. Founded in 1973 to bring young Jewish men and women together to sing, Arbel was originally affiliated with University of Pennsylvania Hillel. Arbel currently has more than 20 singers, drawn from the Greater Philadelphia area, including New Jersey and Delaware, and is a musically diverse group. Now, Arbel is an independent not-for-profit organization. Arbel presents an annual Spring Concert and participates in major community programs. They performed at the North American Jewish Choral Festival, and twice toured Israel. Arbel has served as a "back-up choir" with Debbie Friedman, Craig Taubman, Robbie Solomon, Sol Zim, Nate Lam and many other nationally known Jewish performers. To schedule an Arbel performance contact Enid Krasner at concerts@arbel.org.

Amsterdams Synagogaal Koor (ASK)
ASKAmsterdam Synagogue Choir in Rav Aron Schuster synagogue of Amsterdam, Netherlands, under the direction of Ilia Belianko. Ilia Belianko joined the ASK as chief conductor in September 2004. The choir was founded in 1985, and today consists of sixteen voices. ASK sings regularly with Chief Cantor Hans Bloemendal and other internationally acclaimed cantors. The website includes a history of the organization and selected excerpts of music with information about obtaining sound recordings. Their CDs include ASK 20th Anniversary Concert, Blessed By The Choirs of Thy People, and Live at the former Uylenburger Synagogue(2007). Formerly under the direction of Barry Mehler in the Portuguese Esnoga (Synagogue) in Amsterdam.

Russian a cappella quartet led by Polina Shepherd of Brighton, England. Their "repertoire mostly consists of their original compositions for Yiddish poems, as well as of rare and popular Jewish songs, folk songs in Yiddish, klezmer music, niggunim (tunes)." http://www.ashkenazim.ru/static_pages/eng_ashkenazim/

Basel Synagogue Choir
The Basel Synagogue Choir, one of the rare synagogue choirs in continuous, uninterrupted existence in Europe from before the Holocaust, has recorded several CDs, and now has a new website at www.synagogenchorbasel.ch. The Basel Jewish community founded in 1805 Einheitsgemeinde ( United Community ) has also maintained a professional chazzan. Sound clips on the website feature the beautiful voice of Issachar Helman, a native of Israel. He and the all male Choir sing at The Great Synagogue in Basel located at Leimenstrasse 24, every week. http://www.synagogenchorbasel.ch

Collegium Tel-Aviv
Israeli ensemble established in 1997 as a professional group performing music from classical and sacred traditions. Collegium Tel-Aviv is led by Prof. Avner Itai, who is the head of the Choral activities department at the Rubin Academy of Music, Tel Aviv University. The group held a successful debut in the Musica Sacra Festival in Nazareth, in an all a-capella program. "The Collegium Tel-Aviv regularly modifies their programs and sings both with soloists from within the choir and invitees from Israel and abroad. The repertoire spans liturgical music, as well as secular; Christian as well as Jewish music, and music of the different ethnicities. The Collegium Tel-Aviv has performed in important vocal festivals across Israel, including Abu Gosh, Liturgica, Musica Sacra, and others. The Choir also performed the premiere of Lidarti's oratoria "Esther" in the Israel Festival, Jerusalem. During 1999 and 2000, the Collegium Tel-Aviv performed in both years' Liturgica Festivals, as well as in Germany and Austria in special "Music for Peace" program with the "Ud el Nad" choir from Nazareth, singer Timna Brauer and the Brauer-Meiri Ensemble during the Millennium celebrations in Vienna and Dusseldorf. In June 2001, the Collegium Tel-Aviv took part in a multimedia production of Handel's "The Fairy Queen" with the Israel Chamber Orchestra under Mo. Nicolas Kramer. During the course of the seasons, the Collegium has been invited to perform with many different chamber ensembles (Melzer Consort, the Jerusalem Consort) and different Chamber Orchestras (the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra, the Ramat Gan Chamber Orchestra, the Jerusalem Ensemble, the Israel Chamber Orchestra Soloists, the Ashdod Chamber orchestra, and others). The Collegium has also performed numerous works of Israeli composers, such as Y. Braun, M. Zur, P. Ben-Haim, B. Orgad, and others." Their website is now part of the ArtPro Artist Management website.

Colorado Hebrew Chorale
Colorado Hebrew Chorale "The Colorado Hebrew Chorale was organized in September 1993 by its Music Director, Carol Kozak Ward, to preserve, promote, perform and celebrate the richness of Hebrew choral music throughout the Rocky mountain region. Since its inception, this highly dedicated volunteer chorus, whose membership draws from all areas within greater Denver, has literally given voice to the legacy and culture of the Jewish experience through song. Now entering its fourteenth season, the Colorado Hebrew Chorale retains its commitment to communal service as its raison d'être." Their website has very nice pictures, lists of concerts, program offerings, a calendar and contact information.

Domino Ensemble
An Israeli chamber ensemble established in Jerusalem in 1995. The group has concertized widely in Israel. They participated in the international Zimriya held in Israel in 2004. Omer Levy is the current director.

Halevi Choral Society
The Halevi Choral Society is a professional Jewish choir located in Chicago, IL under the direcction of Judith Karzen. Founded as a community chorus in 1926 by Harry Coopersmith and Hyman Reznick, the choral group, devotes its entire repertoire to Jewish music. Styles include liturgical, Israeli, Yiddish, Ladino and secular Jewish music. The Choral group presents many new works and commissions compositions. The website includes contact information, a history, a mission statement and a concert schedule.

HaZamir: The International Jewish High School Choir
HaZamir was begun by Matthew Lazar in 1993 to offer high-school age teens the opportunity to gather together, learn and sing Jewish choral music in local ensembles. Each year, in addition to performing in their own local areas, HaZamir choirs from across the globe gather for a weekend Festival and concert in New York City.

Hazamir Choir of Helsinki --Judiska Sangforeningen rf
The purpose of the Hazamir Helsinki Choir is to maintain and promote the Jewish musical tradition. Hazamir is a mixed voice choir, and has been since 1917. Singers come both from Helsinki's Jewish congregation along with members of other music groups. Today, the choir s repertoire consists mainly of Hebrew and Yiddish language songs. Additionally, the choir sings songs in Finnish, Swedish, and, more recently, in Russian. A large part of the choir s Yiddish language repertoire is arranged for this choir and, therefore, unique. The Choir s long-time director, Eva Jacob, has made a number of arrangements for the choir, and also brought the Russian-Jewish tradition of choral singing into their repertoire. The Choir appears regularly and is active in a range of festivals and music events. The Hazamir Helsinki Choir brings to the general public an awareness of this great musical tradition. The Hazamir Helsinki Choir is available for events and for a performances in and around Helsinki.

The Israel Choral Organization
Hallel (ISCO) is a union of conductors and choirs in Israel. ICO was founded in June 1998 in order "to support and advance choral singing in Israel." It promotes workshops, seminars, gatherings, pedagogy, activities, including international activities, publishes a quarterly bulletin and supports a website. The website is very out of date in terms of concert listings, but is maintained in Hebrew and English. Nevertheless contact information in provided.

The Jerusalem Cantors Choir
Jerusalem Cantors Choir The Jerusalem Cantors Choir of Jerusalem, Israel, an all male choir, wishes to both preserve and modernize the music of our ancient prayers and songs. The choir s repertoire includes cantorial, liturgical, Yiddish, Chassidic and Israeli works. The Jerusalem cantors choir was established in 1972 by a group of students of the late Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Rivlin. The choir is based in the Hechal Shlomo, Jerusalem, Israel. The musical director and conductor of our choir is Binyamin Glickman. The choir s pianist is Rita Feldman-Gelfman, who studied at the Alma Ata Music Academy in Kazakhstan and received an MA in playing and teaching. She made Aliya in 1990 and has accompagnied the choir since 1991.

Binyumen Schaechter, Musical Director

The Jewish People's Philharmonic Chorus, the longest-continually-performing Jewish chorus in the world, is celebrating it¹s 80th anniversary with three concerts this Spring (details below).

For 80 years, The Jewish People's Philharmonic Chorus has inspired its listeners with an astonishing musical spectrum of Yiddish song. Centuries of hope, determination, humor, loss and renewal are bound up in each note they sing. The voices of sweatshop workers, immigrants, mothers, soldiers, tumlers, and lovers speak through their music. Founded in 1923 on New York's Lower East Side, the Jewish People's Philharmonic Chorus (known then as the "Freiheit Gezang Farein") was a vocal part of the burgeoning labor movement. When the Chorus performed Jacob Schaefer's oratorio "Tsvey Brider" in 1926, they were the first Jewish chorus in America to perform with an orchestra.

The Chorus has through its history thrilled audiences at major halls such as Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, Town Hall and the Brooklyn Academy of Music. In the last two years alone, they have performed in locations as diverse as New York¹s Alice Tully Hall (Lincoln Center), the North American Jewish Choral Festival in the Catskill Mountains, and at Ground Zero. During its many years as part of the nationwide, 30-chorus Jewish Workers Music Alliance, the Chorus was conducted by such legendary composers as Lazar Weiner, Jacob Schaefer, Max Helfman and Maurice Rauch, as well as by Leo Kopf, Madeline Simon and Peter Schlosser. Their concerts have featured special guests such as Mina Bern, Ben Bonus, Michael Michalovitch, Howard da Silva and Elly Stone.

The Jewish People's Philharmonic Chorus now boasts an active intergenerational membership of 35 men and women from various professions, as well as students and retirees. The Chorus is a nonsectarian organization, and invites people of all creeds to celebrate the unifying message of peace and brotherhood through music.

Contact: Binyumen Schaechter at bschaechter@nyc.rr.com

The SUNY Binghamton a capella group, made up of very enthusiastic college students who love to sing Jewish music. Their website includes discography, news, reviews and links. It looks like they're having a lot of fun out there.

Kesher Songer Leaders Directory
Resources for song leaders. Reform movement.

Kol B'yachad
Brown University a capella singing group.

Kol Halev Choir
Kol Halev
Led by Cantor Annie Rose, and accompanied by Dr. Ray McLellan, the Kol Halev Choir is part of Temple Beth Emeth in Ann Arbor, MI. Kol Halev is "dedicated to the performance of Jewish music of all styles, from centuries-old and contemporary liturgical music to newly commissioned arrangements for chorus and orchestra... This "70-voice ensemble has presented concerts exploring major styles of Jewish musical repertoire, including Yiddish, Sephardic, and Hebrew, in arrangements for a cappella choir, and choir with piano, chamber orchestra, and full orchestra." They have released a video of their Eastern European Tour. It's a delightful 16 minute film showing the joy of Jewish community members hearing the choir sing in Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino, Bulgarian and Romanian. Kol Halev went on a tour of Romania, Bulgaria and Greece singing to very appreciative audiences. The filmmakers share a short chat, also included in the DVD. Kol Halev is also planning to release a DVD of their journey to Argentina.

Kol Rina
Kol Rina
Jewish a cappella choral group performing in the UK. Begun in Cambridge, England in 1996, the group has performed many orgininal compositions written by members of the group, especially Miki Grahame and Alicia Ambrose. New works presented by Kol Rina draw on varied sources of inspiration - including traditional, classical, Chassidic, gospel, minimalist and popular music. They sing predominantly in Hebrew, as many of the lyrics are excerpts from the liturgy. They have 2 CDs Ashira (2003) and Keshoshanah (2007).

Kol Shira
A singing group of six women in Iowa performing International Jewish music from the former Soviet Union, Yemen, Italy, France, Cuba, Iraq, Greece, Turkey, Amsterdam and much more. The group's CD was considered one of the best from eastern Iowa in 2004. Some videos are available at:

LA-SHIR CHOIR, (The Los Angeles Hebrew Choir), is a choir "dedicated to the preservation, propagation and enjoyment of Hebrew songs, new and old." The repertoire consists mainly of modern secular songs of Israel, with occasional selections of traditional Jewish songs, including Yiddish and ancient Judeo-Spanish (Ladino). The website is out of date but has contact information.

Ladinostalgia, an 18-voiced choir based in Jerusalem, Israel, is part of the Hora Jerusalem Folklore non-profit Association. They sing a special repertoire of Ladino songs arranged for choir, as well as Hebrew and other multi-cultural songs from Israel. They often represent the City of Jerusalem at cultural events.

London Jewish Male Choir

London group founded in 1926 and continuing to perform regularly throughout the UK. The choir has performed in the USA, Germany, Ireland, South Africa and Poland as well as Israel. There is a photo gallery and member bios. The group has a CD called "For All These Things". The website includes an incredibly helpful list of scores the group has used. They have a database which lists the composer,name of piece, arranger, category of use, and their latest performance pieces. Unfortunately, in order to view the scores, you must load a capella software into your computer.

Los Angeles Zimriyah Chorale
Los Angeles Zimriyah Chorale"The Los Angeles Zimriyah Chorale was founded in 1997 by Cantor Ira Bigeleisen and Rand Harris. LAZC has been invited to perform in venues throughout the world and continues its mission of bringing Jewish music, particularly music written by Southern California Jewish composers, to audiences in America and abroad." The website includes a history of the group, a list of performances, a calendar, and a listing of recording projects. The Chorale is available for performances and travels world wide. Nick Strimple, the music director, is also a composer, scholar and author on choral music.

The Melbourne Jewish Male Voice Choir
The Melbourne (Australia) Jewish Male Voice Choir has been in existence since 1998. Under the directorship of Choirmaster and Musical Director, Brett Kaye; a Chazzan and soloist and with Assistant Musical Director Adrian Bartak, musician, arranger and teacher.The "Choir performs at various communal events and stages a concert in Melbourne every 12 to 18 months. From time to time the choir takes their music on tours to cities in Australia." The Melbourne Jewish Male Choir has performed with the Johannesburg Jewish Male Choir at the Melbourne Concert Hall in June '99, and had it's own concert in December '99 at St. Kilda Synagogue. The Choir's conductor is Brett Kaye, a young South African who moved to Australia. "In an outstanding debut tour to Sydney in 2003 the Sydney community filled the 1800 seat Central Synagogue for a concert where the MJMVC was joined by the Central Synagogue Choir for a few numbers to great effect. They also treated synagogue goers to their magic during regular Sabath services on this tour and commenced a collaboration with Russell Ger, Central's Synagogues talented choirmaster and an emerging orchestral conductor." The Choir has performed with Orchestra Victoria in 2004 performing a number of unique arrangements of Jewish Music for Choir and Orchestra, and with visiting Cantor, Yitzchak Meir Helfgot in 2005.

Mizmor Shir
Harvard University's Jewish music a cappella group made up of about a dozen undergrads. They have released a CD, "Six Days Working," dedicated to the arts of singing and resting.

Moscow Male Jewish Choir--Hassidic Capella
Moscow Male Jewish Choir

A "hasidic capella" choir, the artistic director and conductor is Alexander Tsaliuk. This is the male choir of the Cantorial Art Academy, established in 1989. It is n ow called the Hassidic Cappella, and is based in Moscow. "The choir s singers are all professional musicians  students and teachers at Moscow Tchaikovsky State Conservatory and other leading musical institutes in the capital  who have performed in the city s most acclaimed choral groups. They are united by their commitment to introducing listeners to the beauty of Jewish liturgical and cantorial music -- music that has been forgotten and remains unknown to even the most educated lovers of music." The choir sings in Hebrew, Yiddish and Russian. They perform both Jewish liturgical pieces, Russian folk music and classical repertoire. The group has several CDs and made 2 films. The website contains a fact sheet, articles, posters, programs, Russian and English reviews, videos, photos and lists of CDs.

Nashir Choral Ensemble--University of Judaism
As part of the University of Judaism campus, the Nashir Choral ensemble performs Jewish and non-Jewish works. The Jewish music portion is primarily arrangements of Israeli tunes, liturgical works and compositions by Jewish composers.

Nashirah: The Jewish Chorale of Greater Philadelphia
Nashirah "is the only auditioned, community-based chorale in the Greater Philadelphia area that performs exclusively Jewish and Jewish-themed music. This unique addition to Philadelphia's cultural scene performs the broadest possible range of Jewish repertoire." Jonathan Coopersmith, the current Artistic Director, has been the Associate Conductor for The Philadelphia Singers since 2002 and on the Musical Studies Faculty at The Curtis Institute of Music since 2004. Coopersmith teaches harmony ounterpoint, music history, and solfege at Curtis. The Chorale usually has 3 or 4 concerts per year. Information for auditions is on the website, as is a calendar of events. Harold Evans is the past artistic director.

The Phil-Ron-Chor is the only mixed Jewish choir in Switzerland. It has members from the 4 Jewish communities in Zurich., i.e. religious, Orthodox, Liberal and Reform. The Choir gives concerts in synagogues, concert halls and churches. For more information, contact:
Edy Pluznik
c/o Lunetta AG
Hohlstrasse 612, CH-8038 Zurich /switzerland
E-Mail: pluznik@lunetta.ch

The Pripetshik Singers
Daneel & Reyna Schaechter, Meena-Lifshe, Arele & Malke-Leye Viswanath, Shifre & Leye Whiteman under the musical direction of Binyumen (Ben) Schaechter. New York City based Yiddish singing group. Contact by email:

Sharim v'Sharot
Sharim v'Sharot
The Jewish choir of Central New Jersey, meets in Lawrenceville, New Jersey and sings both Ashkenazi and Sephardi repertoire. The music director is Elayne Robinson Grossman, who served for years as New York's director of the Rottenberg Chorale. Website has a list of venues performed, a brochure, clips, a list of repertoire and news reviews.

The Shira Center of London All Girls' Choirs
The Shira Center attracts girls from all over NorthWest London. Formed just two years ago, the center responds to the growing London interest from religious women and girls in choral training and singing. It has provided Jewish musical opportunities and entertainment for girls and women from all over London. The center is made up of five different choirs, and classes for singers of all ages and abilities. They have released a CD called "Silver Lining" which is gaining huge popularity. Their website has more information about attending some of the classes and concerts. Dena Cohen appears to be a resident composer attached to the groups.

SHIRAH, Community Chorus on the Palisades
Shirah, Community Chorus of the Palisades
Led by Matthew Lazar, Founding Director and Conductor, and Beth Robin, Pianist/Accompanist, the chorus performs sacred and secular music in Hebrew, English, Yiddish and Ladino. SHIRAH was formed in January, 1995 as a regional chorus specializing in the performance of the full spectrum of Jewish music. Its roster includes a multigenerational blend of amateur and professiional singers from the northern New Jersey/New York metropolitan area. SHIRAH performs regularly at the JCC on the Palisades and has been featured in many concerts in the United States and Israel, including Avery Fisher Hall, the New Jersey and Bergen Performing Arts Centers in Newark and Englewood and the Colden Center, featuring the World Premiere of "The Scroll" by Dov Selzer with the Queens Symphony. SHIRAH also performs annually at the North American Jewish Choral Festival and was featured in the Opening Ceremonies of the JCC Maccabi Games in East Rutherford at the Continental Airlines Arena. In addition, SHIRAH has given concerts for organizations and synagogues in the tri-state area and released its first CD in honor of their 10th anniversary. Founded with the generous support of its founding patrons, Bernard and Ruth Weinflash, the chours is sponsored by the JCC on the Palisades/Thurnauer School of Music.
The chorus meets on Tuesdays, 7:00 PM at
Jewish Community Center on the Palisades
411 East Clinton Avenue
Tenafly, New Jersey 07670
www.jccotp.org for the JCC

Shulmusic is a website devoted to music of the synagogue and all Jewish liturgical music. The aim of the site is to become a global resource for Jewish liturgical music. Musical scores for various holidays and events are provided online.

Synagogenchor Zurich
Robert Braunschweig, director. Bernard San, Chazan. Language of site: German. The amazing thing about this website is that they've digitized their standard repertoire to make it available to their members. You can view or print from this digital music collection at their website. Website includes a schedule of their concerts and synagogue work.

Wembley Shul Choir
A temple Choir from the Wembley United Synagogue, located in Wembley, a suburb northwest of London. The site includes an interesting history of the group, a bit of philosophy on their music and audio clips of selected works.

Yerachmiel Begun and the Miami Boys Choir
This website features information about current albums, a clearly arranged listing of concert schedules, music samples and enthusiasm in a visual site.

Matti LazarThe Zamir Chorale
The Zamir Chorale, founded in 1960 by Stanley Sperber, has been directed by Matthew Lazar since 1972. It has become the leading voice of the Jewish choral movement. The choir has won international acclaim for its superior performances, encompassing the full spectrum of four centuries and more of Jewish choral repertoire. Zamir has been a major spark in creating a new generation of Jewish choral music, commissioning and premiering works by contemporary North American and Israeli composers. The Chorale has collaborated with Leonard Bernstein, Zubin Mehta, Daniel Barenboim and others in the choral/orchestral. The Chorale has also appeared with a diverse array of artists including Elie Wiesel, Naomi Shemer, Richie Havens, Danny Kaye, Theodore Bikel, Hershel Bernardi and Shoshana Damari. During its more than 40 years of creating Jewish harmony, Zamir's musical leadership has thrilled tens of thousands in audiences across generational and denominational lines, and has set the standard for Jewish choral music in North America.

Zamir Choral Foundation (New York)
"The Zamir Choral Foundation, created by Matthew Lazar, promotes Jewish choral music as a vehicle to inspire Jewish life, culture and continuity. Building on the success of the Zamir Chorale, the first modern Hebrew-singing chorus in North America, Mr. Lazar sought an expansive vision that went beyond the activities of any single choir - one that fostered Jewish identity across generational and denominational lines. Today, through extensive programming, education, sponsorships and special events, the Zamir Choral Foundation is at the core of an ever-growing network of Jewish choirs, singers and music which has helped create the only Foundation of its kind devoted to Jewish choral music. The Zamir Choral Foundation is creating a new world of Jewish music, musicians and culture for today and the future."

Zamir Chorale of Boston
Founded in 1969, the Zamir Chorale of Boston, a choir of over 45 singers that has performed internationally, supports a website containing a history, concert schedule, tour information, and excerpts from recordings. This site also contains links to Jewish music resources and a newsletter. Joshua Jacobson is the founder and has served as the Director of the Boston Zamir Chorale for over 20 years. Zamir is the choir-in-residence at Hebrew College located in Newton, MA.

The Zemel Choir
Zemel ChoirThe Zemel Choir, founded in 1955 and located in London, UK, is a mixed voice choir that performs extensively in the UK, Israel and elsewhere. The repertoire is inclusive of Jewish liturgical, Israeli, madgrigals, modern and classical music. The choir has performed internationally at festivals, concerts, on the BBC and other media venues. The choir prides itself on its high musical standards. In November 2005 the choir celebrated a Golden Anniversary with a concert at St. John s, Smith Square in central London. Celebrate With Song (2008) is their latest CD, with soloists Cantor Robert Brody, Marc Finer and Ann Sadan, Conducted by Benjamin Wolf and with Michael Cayton at piano. In 2008, they performed concerts with the Galron choir from Kfar Saba, Israel and with the Polyphonies Hébraïques de Strasbourg.

Zemer Chai
Jewish community chorus of Washington, D.C., founded in 1976 and under the direction of Eleanor Epstein. Zemer Chai sings "the full range of Jewish choral repertoire, including liturgical and classical pieces, Jewish folk music from around the world, and new works composed especially for the choir." Admission is by audition. Website has contact information, schedules and news about the chorus.

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Choral Music Publishers

Boosey & Hawkes

Located at 52 Cooper Square, NYC, NY 10010, Boosey and Hawkes is one of the premiere music publishers.

Transcontinental Music
"Transcontinental Music Publications/New Jewish Music Press, the music publishing arm of the Reform movement, publishes a wide variety of musical materials for synagogue and home use. Since it is the largest publisher of Jewish choral music in the world, it serves as the single most important resource for all community groups such as schools, universities, churches, and libraries." Catalog is now online. The Transcontinental catalog is also distributing music from the Cantors Assembly (Conservative). Ordering information included at site. Phone: 800-455-5223. Email: tmp@uahc.org

Jewish Choral Music Archives

International Archive of Jewish Music
Burton A. Zipser, Director. Located in Southfield, Michigan, the mission of the IAJM is to discover, collect, preserve, and disseminate information about music for adult choirs and instrumental groups of varying sizes. The International Archive of Jewish Music primarily is concerned with choral works of Jewish music. The Archive is part of a recognized non-profit. As of the end of 2001, over 1100 choral compositions are included in the choral section of the Archive. The Archive has also created a database of composers of Jewish music. There are over 1626 names in that database, with approximately 60% being cantors. Music has been acquired through contributions from composers, as well as discounted purchases from publishers' lists. Three collections have been obtained in either microfilm or xerox-flow versions and these are being catalogued. Because the Archive also has a performance "arm", it will be possible to present concerts of the music, and to work in cooperative efforts with publishers and composers to create recorded versions of the music which can be a further benefit to the composer or his/her estate.
All inquiries should be directed to: Burton A. Zipser
The International Archive of Jewish Music
c/o Oakland Performing Arts, Inc.
17333 W. Ten Mile Rd. Suite B
Southfield, MI 48075-2950
E-mail: zipmusic@bignet.net
Phone: 248-552-0025
Fax: 248-552-0027

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Choral Music Arrangers

David Ben Or
Choir Director of Gan HaLev. David Ben Or has put up choral arrangements with midi files, score, Hebrew, transliteration and English to liturgical texts. Gan HaLev is a post-denominational Jewish Congregation of the San Geronimo Valley, Marin County, California. http://www.ganhalev.org/zmirot/zmirot.html

Dr. Joshua Jacobson of the Zamir Chorale of Boston
The director of the Zamir Chorale of Boston has made many arrangemetns for concerts of this chorale. Recordings are available at their website. Dr. Jacobson is "one of the world s leading authorities on Jewish choral music. He is Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities at Northeastern University and Visiting Professor of Jewish Music at Hebrew College. A sought-after scholar and lecturer, his many arrangements, editions, and compositions are performed worldwide. His book, Chanting the Hebrew Bible: The Art of Cantillation (Jewish Publication Society, 2002), is considered the definitive source in the field. Zamir concerts are known for being highly entertaining, thanks to Dr. Jacobson s colorful programming and his illuminating commentary from the stage."

Mark Zuckerman
Choral Composer and arranger. Has arranged Yiddish choral works, often incorporating some English to help audiences appreciate the texts better.According to his online bio, his "choral music has achieved an international reputation with choruses and at festivals in The Netherlands and Canada as well as in the United States. It's been performed and recorded by the Gregg Smith Singers, The Goldene Keyt Singers, the New Yiddish Chorale, The Workman's Circle Chorus, and Di Goldene Keyt/The Yiddish Chorale.... instrumental music has been recorded by the Chicago Brass Ensemble, Ilya Itin, the Seattle Sinfonia, Peter Vinograde, and James Winn." The website needs some cleaning up, but get through that mess if you wish to contact Mark if you need Jewish choral arrangements.