February 14, 2012


Feb. 17-19
Saratoga Hilton and City Center
534 Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY


The Yiddishkeit Klezmer Ensemble will be:
- performing a concert at the historic folk venue Caffè Lena on Saturday night (7:45pm-8:30pm)
- presenting an instrumental Klezmer workshop on Sunday early afternoon (noon-12:50pm)
- accompanying a Klezmer dance workshop led by Joe Kurland on Sunday afternoon (2:15pm-3:30pm)

The Yiddishkeit Klezmer Trio is:
David Tasgal - fiddle, clarinet, cello
Anna Sobel - percussion (poyk, dumbek, tabla), vocals, fiddle
Brian Bender - keyboard, vocals, trombone, melodica
* with special guest Joe Kurland (dance leader)


The Flurry Festival has:
Dances •
Workshops •
Singing •
Concerts •
Performances •
Family Events •
Storytelling •
Crafts • and more!

Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced Level Workshops and Dances Over 300 Performers - Five Venues - Over 250 Events This is a weekend you don't want to miss!

Dances and Workshops such as Contra, Swing, Klezmer, Latin, English Country, Squares, Cajun, Zydeco, Irish, Scandinavian, Middle Eastern, European, American and International Folk, Chinese, Sacred Circle, Vintage, Clogging, Yoga and Body Movement -- See the schedule for more!

Make Music and Sing in sessions such as Irish, Quebecois, Southern Old Time, African, Scandinavian, Adirondack, Gospel & Community Sings, Folk, Fiddle, Guitar, Banjo, Flute, Harmonica, Ukulele, Mountain Dulcimer, Voice, and more!

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February 13, 2012


Thursday March 15 at 7:30pm
at Jazz at Lincoln Center's Rose Theater, NYC

Two of Israel’s most popular singers -- Noa (Achinoam Nini), and Mira Awad,– blend Jewish and Arab musical sensibilities as a gesture of tolerance and understanding in an interesting cross-cultural musical collaboration on Thursday March 15 at 7:30pm at Jazz at Lincoln Center's Rose Theater. “Two Voices, One Vision,” A Concert of Coexistence, mirrors on stage the work on the ground of The Abraham Fund Initiatives in Israel. The New York and Jerusalem-based domestic advocacy group develops programs, public policies and societal models that promote the cause of a shared society between Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens.

“Two Voices, One Vision,” weaves together folk-flavored contemporary music that reflects both Arab and Jewish sensibilities. The evening’s songs will be in Hebrew, Arabic and English. Performing with Noa and Mira will be some of Israel's leading instrumentalists, including the guitarist Gil Dor, Noa's long-time collaborator and music director.

Noa, from a Yemenite Jewish background, is one of Israel’s most prominent singing stars. The actress and singer Mira -- a Palestinian Arab citizen of Israel -- stars on one of Israel’s most popular television shows (incidentally a comedy that tackles the thornier aspects of Jewish and Arab co-existence). Noa and Mira have appeared together on several occasions and have represented Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow in 2009, performing their song “There Must Be Another Way” for a huge, international television audience. In the fall they toured together in India to great acclaim.

Their collaborative, cross-cultural work is deeply personal and, in ways that Americans may not readily understand, a matter of serious personal and professional risk. (Threats are all too common.)

About their friendship, Mira has said, “there have been attempts to injure it and break it apart.” Noa has said, “despite the difficulties and the omnipresent pain forever threatening to engulf us, our resonance is so deep it often takes my breath away.”

The Abraham Fund Initiatives was founded in 1989. It has offices in New York, London and Jerusalem. Its international president is Ami Nahshon. Orni Petruschka and Howard Sohn serve as the Israeli and American co-chairs of the international board of directors.

Tickets from $75 to $250 are on sale through the Jazz at Lincoln Center box office, Broadway and 60th Street, 212/721-6500; www.jalc.org. For preferred patron tickets and post-concert reception information, please contact The Abraham Fund, at 212/661-7770, ext. 200, or e-mail info@abrahamfund.org

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February 09, 2012

"Litvakus feat. Yaeko Miranda Elmaleh at City Winery's Klezmer Brunch"

"Litvakus feat. Yaeko Miranda Elmaleh at City Winery's Klezmer Brunch"
Litvakus feat. Yaeko Miranda Elmaleh at City Winery's Klezmer Brunch
Sunday, February 19 at 10:00am
Location: All-Access City Winery, NYC
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Di khumeshlider: les chants du Pentateuque

Dimanche 26 février 2012 à 17h
Théâtre de la Cité Bleue, avenue de Miremont 46, 1206 Genève

Di khumeshlider: les chants du Pentateuque d'après Itzik Manger
par le LufTeater de Strasbourg, avec Astrid Ruff et Rafaël Goldwaser. Mise en scène: Sabine Lemler. Musique originale de Jean-Raymond Gélis.

Spectacle joué en yiddish, surtitré en français

Les Chants du Pentateuque sont un ensemble de poèmes inspirés très librement du premier livre de la Bible. Itzik Manger met en scène les figures essentielles de la Genèse : Adam et Eve et leurs fils Abel et Caïn, les trois patriarches, Abraham, Isaac et Jacob les quatre matriarches et bien d'autres... Itzik Manger n’a pas besoin de "raconter" la Genèse: Tout le monde la connaît! Au contraire, il brode, fait des allusions, des anachronismes, joue avec les personnages, les époques, les situations, les mots… Ces procédés créent tout au long du spectacle des effets comiques irrésistibles.

Organisation: Les Amis de la Musique Juive amj@amj.ch http://www.amj.ch
Tél. 0041 22 320 86 28
Informations & réservation: Janine Schorderet
Tél. 0041 22 344 64 09
Fax. 0041 22 344 64 04
Billets: 30 CHF, tarif réduit: 20 CHF.
Réduction supplémentaire de 10 CHF aux membres AMJ. DEVENEZ MEMBRES!
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East Meets East Concert -- Ethiopian singer Alula

Forest Hills Jewish Center, March 18, 6 PM
Beta Israel Cultural Foundation Inc. & Baker Dan LLC Present:
Forest Hill Jewish Center
106-06 Queens Boulevard Flushing, NY 11375-4248
(718) 263-7000

ALULA, Ethiopian-born singer/songwriter
accompanied by ALICIA SVIGALS, Klezmer Violinist and Band
EAST MEETS EAST CONCERT (East Africa Meets Middle East Meets East Europe)

Building upon his remarkable personal history, Alula weaves an unforgettable musical journey connecting East African, Middle Eastern, and Eastern Europe musical traditions, creating a unique, moving and memorable musical message of connectedness among faiths, races, and cultures.


ALULA - Vocals, Guitar, Kirar, Keyboard, www.alulamusic.com
ALICIA SVIGALS -- Violin, www.aliciasvigals.com
MAC GOLLEHON -- Trumpet, Trombone, www.newbrasscollective.com
ROBERT AARON -- Tenor Saxophone, Flute, www.parisdjs.com/index.php/post/Robert-Aaron-Trouble-Man
EVAN MAZUNIK -- Keyboard, Vocals, www.evanmazunik.com
SAMSON KEBEDE - Bass, www.soundcloud.com/arkigroove
JOHN METTAM -- Drums, Percussion, www.johnmettam.com
JEMEL ALSTON -- Vocals, http://klezmerbyalicia.c.topica.com/maapznVab7MGfbIFEx6eafpQav/

SUNDAY, MARCH 18h, 2012 at 6PM
106-06 Queens Boulevard, Flushing, NY 11375-4248
Doors Open at 5PM.
At the Door: $22
Online: $20
Order Online at www.bakerdan.com
Please bring your email confirmation
Senior Citizens and Children under 13: $15
For Beta Israel Cultural Foundation, Inc.: www.binacf.org
For EAST MEETS EAST Concert: www.bakerdan.com
For Inquiries: baker@bakerdan.com 917-913-5719 Click here to check out Alicia's band on Youtube! http://klezmerbyalicia.c.topica.com/maapznVab7MD6bIFEx6eafpQav/ Find Alicia on Facebook: Alicia's Facebook Page http://klezmerbyalicia.c.topica.com/maapznVab7MD7bIFEx6eafpQav/
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Feidman's 75th anniversary performance by Moussa Berlin

A few days ago, Moshe (Moussa) Berlin wrote this note:
"Some years ago, when playing the ceremony of 7th of Adar, at the tomb of Rabi Shimeon in Meron, There came a rumor that the famous composer and songwriter Naomi Shemer, become ill. My thought at that time was what can I to help her in that situation. (Meron is a place where people are praying, crying, asking their requests for health, livelihood matchmaking etc'.) So I decided to play one of her songs (Shirat Ha'asabim to words of R' Nachman), and to combine it with a Breslaver Nigun. After I have done it (it was the first time in history that such song was played in Meron) I was told that one of the Chassidim asked his friend :"What is that tune?" and he was answered: "Oh, that is un alter nign". I don't know how it helped but Naomi died one and half year later. And now the clip[above] (played in another situation with my son and daughter)"
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February 01, 2012

The Broder Singers: Forerunners of the Yiddish Theater

Miryem-Khaye Seigel, Librarian, Dorot Jewish Division, New York Public Library, presents
Broder Singers: Forerunners of the Yiddish Theater

Broder singers were the first Yiddish performers to present music and drama in a secular setting beginning in the mid-nineteenth century. This lecture will explore the Broder singers’ history, repertoire, and style, and their relationship to Yiddish theater.

Admission: Free
RSVP: www.yivo.org/reservations
Venue: YIVO Institute at the Center for Jewish History | 15 West 16th Street - NYC
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